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Audits are generally performed at schools, factories, rental properties and public places, ie. churches. Audits are also useful when buying or selling property, and for general safety in the workplace.

An asbestos audit is a document kept on-site at most industrial, commercial and some housing sites. It contains a comprehensive run-down of the materials used in the building and its condition. Audits can include sample testing on just about any surface including soil, floor tiles and bench tiles. Audits can be arranged for areas as small as a household bathroom, to as large as a factory.


An estimated 1.3 million employees are exposed to asbestos in construction and general industry; the highest exposure being from the removal of asbestos-containing material. Under current legislation there is a duty for employers to identify any asbestos before commencing maintenance, demolition or removal works. If there is any doubt that asbestos is present, then the safest and easiest way to confirm this is to get an audit or sample testing done before you commence work.