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We at Triple ABC find that the highest exposure to asbestos occurs when you don’t know the product you are working with. You could be surprised to learn where this harmful product resides in your own home:

  • Tilux sheeting
  • Sprayed insulation
  • Refractory linings
  • Refractory tiles
  • Pitch-based electrical switchboard (examples include zelemite and asbestos)
  • Millboard lining (millboard lining of switch boxes)
  • Paint (certain paints can contain a percentage of asbestos fibres to improve strength)
  • Mastics (mastics or bituminous mastics are used to seal gaps or provide extra waterproofing. The texture of mastics is a firm gel-like to rubber consistency. If torn or punctured, a risk for exposure is high)
  • Asbestos roof tiles (roof tiles can contain a percentage of asbestos fibres used to help reinforce them against weather conditions and damage. Exposure can occur if tiles become loose, broken or damaged)
  • Asbestos cement render
  • Asbestos cement sheet (these are a very common type of asbestos product that can be found in most buildings)
  • Chrysotile wicks (chrysotile wicks in kerosene heaters. As the chrysotile – white asbestos – fibres do not burn, they are favourable for their ability to last. They are also the most flexible of fibres so can be spun into wicks easily. The risk to exposure from this product is high as they are not bound)
  • Compressed asbestos cement panels
  • Decorative tiles (including fake slate and other decorative tiles)
  • Electrical switchboards (fuse boards that contain asbestos are those that have a black backing product known as zelemite. It is a very strong product that was favoured for its resistance to heat and fire. If a fuse board catches fire the zelemite backing ill remain undamaged while the electrics are destroyed. The risk to exposure is low unless it is damaged or broken)
  • Feature tiles (fake slate and other decorative tiles can contain a percentage of asbestos fibres)
  • Fire door insulation (fire doors contain a core of asbestos material with a high percentage of asbestos fibres. The doors may appear as wood or metal from the sides but the core – often white – is visible from the top of the door)
  • Floor vinyl sheets (there are three layers where asbestos may be found with regard to vinyl sheeting. It can be found in the vinyl itself, the backing to the vinyl, and/or the glue used to bind it to the floor – bituminous adhesives and sealants)
  • Floor vinyl tiles
  • Hessian carpet underlay (packed hessian underlay beneath older carpets can contain traces of free asbestos fibres)

Those are just a few but there are many, many more. So keep yourself safe – get it tested.