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Triple ABC are experts in asbestos site inspection. Our work is all about giving domestic, commercial and industrial clients peace of mind. Our asbestos site inspection is carried out by fully-qualified staff with safety as our highest priority. Asbestos site inspection and clearance certificates are often required as part of asbestos removal work.


Once an asbestos removal has been carried out, we ensure that the area is free of any visual asbestos and is safe for re-entry by unprotected personnel. We enter the property and check the area where removal occurred, checking for any visual asbestos that may still be remaining. Our visual clearance includes checking beams, ceilings, floors, cavities and bench tops – and if outdoor removal was undertaken, we check areas such as garages, house eaves and sheds.

Once our asbestos site inspection is complete, we provide the client with a printed and signed certificate on-site at the time of inspection. We can also email a copy with photos if requested.

Our asbestos site inspection is carried out in accordance with Victorian OH&S (A) Regulations 2007. Triple ABC are proud to provide a thorough, reliable asbestos site inspection and visual clearance service to clients Victoria-wide. Our staff and consultants have years of experience in asbestos site inspection and are ready to assist you.

Asbestos site inspection gives you, your family and employees peace of mind. Call us today to
find out more about our asbestos site inspection services.



Triple ABC provides asbestos analysis for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Our asbestos analysis service gives you peace of mind in knowing whether or not the materials you’re working on contain asbestos.

Our asbestos analysis service prioritises safety at every step of the way. In addition to this, we always try to make the customer feel at ease. Our asbestos analysis procedure initially involves:

  • Entering the property and discussing with the customer the area or materials concerned, and establishing what areas they would like the samples taken from
  • Discussing the works that the customer intends to do, and giving our expert opinion on exactly where we think the samples should be taken from and the quantity required
  • Trying our best to take the samples from the most inconspicuous area, so as to leave minimal markings

We then ask the customer to leave the room, in accordance with safety requirements. We wet down the area, put on our Personal Protective Clothing and use hand tools to take a small, fingernail-size piece of the product. We then bag it up and send it for sampling at a NATAapproved testing agency. We spray the area with PVA solution to contain any airborne fibres, wet wipe the area and then seal with tape. Customers are then advised to stay away from the
area if possible until we receive a result.

An asbestos analysis result usually comes back within 3-4 days. We contact our clients by phone immediately, and asbestos analysis results are then posted or emailed the same night.

Asbestos analysis is an important step in many building, demolition or renovation projects, or just for homeowners wanting peace of mind. Triple ABC’s asbestos analysis service is ready to assist clients throughout Victoria. Call us today to find out more.


Triple ABC can also offer our clients expert Air Monitoring services.

Asbestos air monitoring is required whenever there is removal of friable asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos air monitoring is sometimes carried out during the removal process, but it is also important to perform air monitoring afterwards, as part of the clearance phase. As an addition to our asbestos analysis and inspection services, air monitoring gives that extra bit of confidence that your site – and employees – are safe.

Air monitoring can be organised on request for clients should they require it. Due to our small size, we sub-contract this work out to larger companies (all NATA-approved). We take care of all the administration and organisation, taking the hassle out of it for you.

If you’re considering an asbestos site inspection or analysis – let us organise air monitoring to give you complete peace of mind before, during or after the removal process.

Call us today to find out more about the Air Monitoring services we can organise.



Asbestos audits can be organised on-request for our clients.

There is now legislation in place to require asbestos audits on buildings containing asbestoscontaining materials (ACMs). Asbestos audits can form part of an asbestos management plan for your site, and are an important means of protecting yourself and your family/employees.

Asbestos audits are carried out by fully trained and qualified personnel. There is a National Code of Practice for controlling and managing asbestos in buildings, and asbestos audits are an important part of an effective management plan.

Being a small company, we sub-contract asbestos audits out to larger NATA-approved organisations. We take care of all the related admin, taking the stress away from you. Analysis of samples is taken out by NATA-approved agencies, meaning that you get a result which is accurate and reliable.

Asbestos audits are part of the complete service we offer, including site inspection, analysis and air monitoring.

Call Triple ABC today to ask about our asbestos audits service.